The Safe are a young 4 piece rock band from Lancashire, the bands latest single ‘Taking My Time’ is available to stream on SoundCloud.

What I love the most about this single is it’s a live demo, which for me makes this track extra special. We’ve all missed live music so it’s great to hear live music and being able to feel as if you are at a gig listening to the track being played live.

The bands high energy and their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in within seconds, you cannot help but love what you hear. What I also love about this band is their talent to create an instantly memorable song, their sound will have you on your feet and with every track they create you are guaranteed to be dancing around within seconds.

The lyrics and the catchy chorus which you will know off by heart once you have listened to it once and from the opening verses your transported to another level with the incorporation of vocals and lyrics and instrumentals.

This is an impressive single which you need for your playlist!


By Ollie Cooper