James Millier is an alternative country artist from Barton on Sea, Hampshire in England. His passion for music happened at a very young age thanks to his family however in his teenage years he made the decision to be wise by studying his first passion in food and lead a life working in the catering industry. During his mid-twenties his love for music became stronger than ever and as fate would have it a love one gave him some singing lessons as a Christmas present where 13 years later to this day, he is still having lessons with the same singing teacher.

His latest single ‘Brighter Day’ is an alternative country single which tell the story about how a relationship breakup can make you a better person and lead you in a brighter direction towards life. This is something music artist James Millier felt he could connect to from a moment in his life because he knows how this situation actually feels plus he felt like this kind of song would connect with possible listeners who have just been through a breakup and are searching for a positive spin from their relationship ending. ‘Brighter Day’ was co-written by highly acclaimed Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce and James plus produced by Brighton based Olli Daffarn and mixed by the talented Alfie Cattell and finally to top it all off the single was mastered by highly rated mastering engineer Streaky.

The new single did not disappoint, I was hooked within seconds of hearing this amazing single. The single will grab your attention instantly with its catchy melody and lyrics. As I was listening to listening, I couldn’t help but tap along.

The single builds into a catchy and memorable anthem which has brilliant instrumentals, lyrics you will find yourself singing along to and a sound that is unique and is a treat to hear.

Great job!

By Ollie Cooper