Amey was well on her way to a successful career in music in the mid-nineties when fate intervened. After giving birth to her daughter, Amey developed crippling postnatal depression and her band broke up, leading to a period of alcohol and drug addiction. Now free from her illness and addiction, she is able to commit herself to music once again. As well as singing, Amey is also an actor and has appeared in music videos for the likes of Krept & Konan and Big Narstie. She has also recently written and performed a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, called Voices Of The Motherland, exploring their relationship and touching upon issues of immigration, race, family and identity.

Music means everything to Jules and after a chat about the many layers of his career, he reveals more than a few surprises. From his past DJ exploits playing on a desert island in Malaysia, a Chinese temple for NYE or, closer to home at Dalston’s bustling Superstore.

He possesses a unique energy which fills his long white walled studio in Brick Lane, enthusing about the artists he’s collaborated with, like techno pioneer Russ Gabriel on ‘The Return EP’. He’s most at home among LED lights, flickering buttons and pulsing switches, while drum machines and sequencers roll effortlessly into action to reveal new tracks.

This EP screams to me summer anthems, catchy lyrics, upbeat vibe, catchy sound, and brilliant vocals. What I also love about this tracks is their unique sound and catchy lyrics which will have you hooked within seconds and wishing you was listening to the single being played live.

The relatable lyrics combined with the catchy sound makes this EP an instant favourite for anyone trying to escape these strange times we are in now. You will connect to the song straight away and the will more than likely have the chorus stuck in your head for a day or two like I did.

Great job!

By Ollie Cooper