‘Han Rick’ weaves the tale of the desire and desperation for the human touch, love and romance during lockdown on new track ‘My Love (It’s Free)’. This 60s-rockabilly inspired track channels his love for The Beatles with a touch of modern day life thrown in the mix!

This single has a chilled vibe to it and a sound which makes you feel as if you’ve gone back in time to the 60’s. Within seconds of the song starting with is instrumental you will be tapping along, the vocals help to complete this brilliant track by giving it the extra kick to really give this single it’s own unique stamp.

The guitar riff towards the end of the track is ridiculously brilliant, it will have you getting your air guitar out and playing along and for me, it completed this incredible single.

This was the first track I have heard from Han Rick and it’s safe to say I was impressed, from the sound to the lyrics there was nothing I could fault. This single had me hooked and left me wanting to hear more from this talented artist.


By Ollie Cooper