Hartlepool singer-songwriter James Leonard-Hewitson shares his new single ‘Commercial Vibe’, his first new music since the acclaimed 2020 debut album ‘Only The Noise Will Save Me’. Having entered the music industry through playing as a session trumpeter for Frankie and The Heartstrings on their UK tour with The Charlatans in December 2015; James stylistically draws upon influences from a broad musical spectrum; from post-punk, brit-pop & indie-rock through to new-wave & classical to create his infectious, nostalgic take on lo-fi pop.

“It’s mainly about and inspired by the cold resilience of capitalist thought in society and government during the Coronavirus pandemic. How, despite disaster, death and tragedy, whims and desires were still being packaged and sent out from Amazon Warehouses”.

James skill is to craft boppy pop songs is incredible to hear, his sound is refreshing and will have you tapping along to this incredibly catchy track within seconds. James ability to fuse together a punky aggression with a sound which is more dance is an incredible skill to have.

It’s impossible to not fall in love with this catchy track which combines so many sounds which all work so well together. It’s fun, fresh, catchy and unique and is a track we all need in our lifes.


By Ollie Cooper