Bemende is a Dutch- Congolese singer-songwriter based in the South-East. Her interest imusic began when her mother solicited her to start singing in church from an early age. From there, she part took in school talent shows as well as local festivals to showcase her vocal abilities. Being Congolese, growing up in multicultural neighbourhoods and having moved very often had exposed her to a multitude of genres such as RnB/Soul, Hip-Hop and House to which she draws inspiration from till this day. Bemende always had an interest for the arts and it was not until she moved from the Netherlands to the UK where she began to strongly express herself. She kept a diary, wrote poems to highlight how she felt. In addition to that she also learned how to DJ and make house music however, singing was her forte.

2017 was the year Bemende really started to emerge an artist by circulating around the London open mic scene. She went on to release her single “Fine Boy”, which was really well received, earning her a mention on the BBC Introducing Three Counties along with respective radio plays. Later that year, she won an award in her category for Female Artist of The Year awarded by RBEnt.  Following a break Bemende has gone back into the studio and is working on her project that she intends to grace us with later on this year. Her aim is to go full throttle and show us that she’s not just a one trick pony.

If you’re looking for a new EP to instantly connect with and fall in love with than this is the EP for you. ‘FTSH’ has everything you’d want to hear and much more, relatable lyrics, catchy sounds and each track having a unique kick to make them all stand out in their own ways.

“FTSH consists of 4 tracks with the first 3 describing how experiences with the opposite gender have made me feel. Throughout my 20’s I have had rocky relations with men which often left me depleted” – Bemende. I feel we can all relate to this feeling in one way or another which I feel helps for the listener to connect with these incredible singles.

Each track is powerful, relatable and such a joy to listen too, this EP is one of them ones that you have to listen too from beginning to end and you are still left wanting to hear more.

This EP screams to me summer anthems, catchy lyrics, upbeat vibe, catchy sound, and brilliant vocals. The relatable lyrics combined with the catchy sound makes this EP an instant favourite for anyone trying to escape these strange times we are in now.

A great EP!


By Siân Parker