Back in 2018 BANG BANG FIRECRACKER dropped their Debut album. This received fantastic reviews and has since secured a slot at one of the UKs largest 4 day festivals; HRH Spring break in March 2022. The band are about to drop their EP ‘See Evil’ which is now available to stream.

The latest EP ‘See Evil’ is a riff heavy EP packed with a classic metal sound with the bands own unique twist to the sound which will have you hooked. This EP has everything a metal fan would want to hear and much more.

The track that stands out most to me has to be ‘Chase the Wasted’, to me it’s catchy and a track you need to listen to with your volume turned up to the max. It instantly caught my attention and had me tapping along to the track, it was right up my street and has everything I look for in a track an incredible riff, catchy lyrics and a sound which you can’t help but love.

It’s pure raw energy combined with the lyrics in each track all work well to create an incredible EP that will draw, the EP really catches your attention. An exciting and incredible EP which you need to listen too!

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper