London folk-pop artist Sam Winston reveals his brand new single ‘Til I Make Peace With War’. This is the follow-up to popular comeback track ‘Damaged Goods’, released late 2020.

Like his previous track, this new single evolved from a state of personal turmoil for Sam. The lyrics are heavily introspective. The “War” in the song is an allegory of his battle with a chronic health issue and the ensuing anxiety. Sam describes how “at times, I couldn’t sing without great physical pain due to a throat condition. I felt like my core as an individual was being slowly eroded.” However, this loss of voice and identity are accompanied by a willing resolve in Sam to fight the problem, through action in the physical, and through acquiescence to a higher power. In his words, the “Peace” he finds comes from “spiritual surrender.” 

The single is packed full with emotion, it will capture your attention with it’s rich vocals whilst the combination of instrumentals and lyrics will awake every hair on the back of your neck. The sound will draw you into the track within seconds whilst the melody sweeps over you like a wave.

The lyrics will have you listening to every word Sam sings effortlessly without fail, they work so well together with the singles sound and Sam’s vocals to create a chilled and slightly haunting sound which you can’t help but love.

What I also love about this track is the incorporation of the instrumentals which adds another texture to this already impressive single. The combination of instrumentals and vocals is spot on and for me are well placed.

Great job Sam!


By Ollie Cooper