Bloom de Wilde is a London based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist. She fuses dream, ethno and experimental art pop, folk and jazz with surrealistic yet uplifting lyrics and unconventional melodies to create exuberant, colourful soundscapes that transport us to dreamy, faraway places. Her unusual and distinctive vocal style has earned her comparisons to Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Björk. Originally from the Netherlands, with a Dutch artist mum and an Indonesian dad who lead his own gamelan orchestra, Bloom came to London as an art student at Central St.Martins. Growing up in an environment where the senses were naturally entwined, her eclectic heritage is reflected in her synaesthetic approach to music and art.

“Garden of the Sun” was written a few years ago at a time when Bloom found herself separated from her closest friend who had pursued a new life on the other side of the planet. And yet, despite being half a world away, the pair could feel the connection they had forged pulsing stronger than ever.

The EP is a mixture of emotions, sounds and a lot of talent, the song tells you a story that you will be able to relate to, it really makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen every word. There is something about the voice, it’s tones, unique sound, and magical feel that grabs your attention instantly.

Listening to the lyrics it tells the story perfectly and really gets you thinking, I found myself listening to the single and changing my mind throughout, it really caused a debate in my head, but I love that about a single, something that gets you thinking and right now I need something that keeps my brain thinking.

I cannot remember the last time a track hit me like a tonne of bricks like this one. It has filled a void which I have been craving for some time without consciously knowing, therefore, hats off to Bloom de Wilde for filling a niche.

This is a well-produced single that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, this is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to but I must admit I enjoyed listening to this incredible single and I look forward to hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.

Great Job!

By Ollie Cooper

Listen here