The Decades release their new single ‘Fool’s Gold’. The band said, “with ‘Fool’s Gold’ we really wanted to say something. There’s this lifestyle that is so common with our generation of constant partying and a cycle of one night stands and relationships that go nowhere. It comes out of loneliness and a desperate need for a connection to others and finding meaning and value in the wrong places”. The different musical interests of all four members converge to give a blend of classic rock elements and an indie vibe that is apparent across their releases to date. Musically, ‘Fool’s Gold’ takes advantage of everything that the group has to offer. David Mulvey’s pulsing drum tracks provide the foundation that the song is built upon, allowing Myles Keogh’s driving bass line to push the song forward towards its peak. With this backdrop in place, there is plenty of room for the interweaving guitar parts of Rhys Doyle and Seán Fox. Multiple layers of both rhythm and lead guitar tracks are heard, giving the harmonic basis for Sean’s powerful vocals.

This single had me hooked from the very beginning, the modern indie rock track features powerful vocals and some brilliant guitar work that are carefully placed within a soundscape of ambience and harmony.

I was hooked with the catchy, addictive, play on repeat first impression I got from this impressive single. The emotion right through this single is contagious. There was something special about this track that made me relive my childhood, at the time I first started to listen to music and became hooked. I felt like I was a kid again listening to one of my favourite bands getting excited to hear new tracks being played and to just fall in love with music.

This single is right up my street from its sound to its powerful lyrics, you will be impressed with this instant anthem which will become one of your favourite tracks instantly.

Great job!

By Ollie Cooper