Olly E is the real deal, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to demonstrating his versatility on his new single, ‘Rise Above.’

Olly is one of several contemporary performers demonstrating that a trail-blazing rock gem can materialise without a backup band. The forward-thinking star records and delivers every audio element on this new tune without anyone else’s help. Furthermore, he performs admirably throughout the record, and he gets a lot of his thoughts out as the track progresses.

‘Rise Above’ features many twists and turns, making it a lot of fun for a review. Furthermore, each segment has its own appeal, and there is no monotonous predictability, as is sometimes the case with solo works. Moreover, this one is unique because it grips us from the start and does not let us go until the end.

Olly E’s voice has a distinctive quality to it. With his high pitch tones, he sticks out and adds weight to the production. A little more roughness here and there, on the other hand, may have added even more rock flavour to the atmosphere. Also, the music is missing a tiny amount of backing, which may have made it seem much more potent in stereo.

Overall, ‘Rise Above’ is a biting track with a thumping vibe that is difficult to ignore. It also bleeds energy like no other, luring us back in for more.

You can take a listen to ‘Rise Above’ by Olly E below.






By Dodgem