Tito Jackson’s latest album, ‘Under Your Spell,’ was released under his new label, Gulf Coast Records and Hillside Global, and it’s all about the blues.

Tito’s love of blues-rock, which he says he shares with his parents, is reflected in the album. Tito, unlike his siblings, has always appreciated the blues-rock genre. Furthermore, this CD is a tribute to his years of listening to some of the best blues musicians. He also brings in some of the best names in the business, such as Joe Bonamassa and Mike Zito.

Dedicating the album to his mother, Tito rises to the occasion admirably, which is unsurprising given his extensive career in the music industry. The album begins with a song featuring Kenny Neal, “Wheels Keep Turning.” The track starts with brass sounds, then Tito shortly follows with a specular vocal performance. His tone is spot on, and his message about moving forward is brimming with energy.

Tito’s first single from the album, ‘Love One Another,’ has a different vibe compared to the first track. It has more grit to it, with guitars crunching through the speakers and Tito’s empowering vocal delivery expressing how we should all come together and love one another.

‘You’re Gonna Push Me Too Far’ is one of the album’s few songs that doesn’t involve another hitmaker. It screams Tito Jackson’s ability, with his singing melting the ears and the instrumental accompaniment leaving us dripping from the mouth.

The album’s final tune, ‘I Got Caught (Loving In A Dream),’ is maybe the most catchy on the record. You’ll find it challenging to get it out of your thoughts once it’s over.

By Dodgem

Here’s the link to the video of “Love One Another”: