Fast-rising indie quintet SCREENTALK are back with an enlivening new single: “Amplified”. Swiftly following their amorously received debut single “Mountain Soda”, the Liverpool band pump-up the stereo with a scintillating second effort, as recorded with Kurran Karbal (Munkey Junkey, ZUZU).

You are instantly hit with a phenomenal guitar riff from the beginning which will grab your attention instantly, whilst the hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them. By the time the instrumental really kicks in you will find yourself completely hooked and wishing you was listening to this track being played live.

It usually takes me a few listens to an EP for me to fully get into it, especially if it’s a track from a band I’ve recently discovered, however, this was not the case. Within the first few seconds of listening to ‘Amplified’ I was sold, the guitar riff instantly made me stop what I was doing and, listen, I was hooked.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible track from beginning to end, the strong vocals which will have you listening to every word and instantly connecting with the lyrics. If you are not already hooked by the catchy and fun sound of this track you will be with the relatable lyrics and powerful vocals.

The band high energy and memorable songs instantly grabbed your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in and is so refreshing to hear. There is nothing you will not love about this track, it’s everything you would want to hear from a track and much more, there is no doubt that this will be an instant favourite of yours.

This is an impressive track, this was the first time I had heard from this incredible band and it’s safe to say I was impressed with what I heard, and I am a fan of this brilliant band. The only bad point I have is the track is that it ended far too quickly, I was left wanting to hear more.

By Siân Parker