Mike Zito, the blues-rock man, doesn’t hold back with his new album, ‘Resurrection’. The record as a whole is a solid indication of the quality he’s putting out on stage during his current tour, and it kicks like no other with an infectious edge!

The virtuoso delivers the goodies here and delights with a unique musical direction, propelling his vision ahead. Musically, there’s a Chuck Berry influence, but there are enough new hooks that give Zito a unique position. He also breathes new vitality into a sound that was enormously popular decades ago.

Mike’s voice is as pure as it gets. It’s refreshing to hear an artist keep it authentic rather than drowning his recording in effects. The rawness of his voice also contributes to the track’s explosive blues-rock atmosphere. Moreover, Mike compels with his timbre and warm flavours on tracks such as ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ and ‘In My Blood’, adding a new base to the soundscape full of exquisite guitar tones.

The different elements that emerge synergize as the record goes, bringing full power to the top. It also grows even more potent as the album progresses, with Mike demonstrating why he is one of the most praised blues-rock guitarists and singers of our day. ‘Running Man’ knocks us for six for the right reasons, as does the last track, ‘Resurrection,’ which has an authentic legendary feel to it right from the start.

By Dodgem

You can take a listen below.