Sam Thomas has been well cemented in the local music scene for a good few years now, from playing in metal, punk and indie bands, to solo acoustic guitar driven music he has been working hard for years. Having finally found his niche in the hip-hop world, he describes this current project as “the most enjoyable to date, I’m proud of the current work and super excited to see what’s to come.” Between working together on tracks and playing on the same live shows Sam Thomas has collaborated with hotly tipped North-East artists Kay Greyson, Eyeconic and Jack Fox but he’s now pushing forward to be the name on everybody’s lips.

The song is cry of frustration with yourself and the things that go wrong around you. The verse takes you through a story of my trials and set backs whilst the chorus is me finally saying to myself that I won’t let these affect me anymore. I wanted the chorus to be powerful and almost anthemic to mark a proclamation of change and empowerment by the end of the track. The structure of the song isn’t your standard verse chorus repeat etc. it was made in a way that as the intensity and frustration builds up….so does the dynamic finally ending with a sigh of relief and belief at the end when that gong hits.

This single has a chilled but gripping sound which will have your full attention within seconds, as the track begins you are greeted with a catchy guitar riff which is soon joined with some powerful vocals and incredible instrumentals.

The combination of guitar with Sam’s vocals is magical and is guaranteed to awaken every hair on the back of your neck. The lyrics will have you gripped and there is no escaping from them, they are relatable and will have any listener hooked. What I also love about the lyrics is how relatable they are which makes it easy for any listener to instantly connect with them.

This was the first track I’ve heard from Sam and I was impressed with what I heard, the relatability and sound of this track is great to hear and is right up my street. You need to listen to this track for yourself to fully appreciate how great it is.

Great job Sam!


By Ollie Cooper