Ashley Stacey is an Indie Rock artist from South East London with a strong passion for music and a knack for songwriting.

The forthcoming EP from Ashley Stacey is out now and is available to stream on all music platforms, the EP featuring previously released singles “There’s No Telling You”, “We’re All Going Mad” and “Palace Pier” along with 2 unheard tracks, A cover of ‘The Importance of Being Idle’ by the mighty Oasis and The lead single ‘The Song You Needed All These Years’.

‘The EP You Needed All There Years’ it has everything I have come to expect to hear from Ashley and more, a sound which instantly grabs your attention and will have you tapping along and there is no escaping it along with brilliant instrumentals which help to create a catchy, upbeat sound which you will instantly fall in love with.

This EP really does live up to its title, this EP is what any indie rock fan needs in their playlist. It’s impossible to not listen to incredible EP from beginning to end and not to fall in love with it. As I was listening to this EP I was taken back to the early 00’s, the sound and way the EP made me feel I felt like I had gone back in time and I was listening to the bands I use to listen to back in the early 00’s who made me fall in love with music.

It was hard for me to pick my favourite track from this EP as each track has its own anthemic sound which makes it special. If I really had to pick one track as my favourite I would have to go with ‘The Song You Needed All These Years’, the tracks back to basics sound really grabbed my attention and proves that you don’t need to huge sound to create something so special. The acoustic guitar ballad sounds so unique and left me with the lyrics stuck in my head for days.

Another phenomenal EP packed full of talent and is something you need to have on your playlist.

By Siân Parker