Charlotte Champian is a singer/songwriter, disability advocate and entrepreneur. She writes and produces jazz-infused soulful songs from her studio in Birmingham, UK. Her distinctive style experiments with layering of vocal harmonies, trumpets, double bass and keys. Her musical influences include Lianne La Havas, Laura Mvula, Brooke Fraser, Joni Mitchell, Birdy and Jacob Collier.

‘As the Summer’ is Charlotte’s debut album of 8 tracks. With soulful vocals, insightful lyrics, and rich harmonies throughout, Charlotte shares some of her reflections on life’s beauty and complexity. The album brings you on a journey from upbeat bangers like Blue Light and Highlight Reel to lush, soothing tracks like Shimmer and Breathe. The album experience brings you from agitated tension to peace and clarity, with Such Walls Fail bringing a poignant instrumental ending to the record. Producing and arranging the tracks from her dining room studio in Birmingham, Charlotte has brought together songs that she has written over the past 4 years into a cohesive collection of soulful songs. She has worked remotely with musicians all over the world to record instrumental parts and compile them for each track. The album title, As The Summer, is a line taken from Lemon Sky that encapsulates the atmosphere of the whole album. It is also a nod to her previous artist name, As the Summer, which comes from her Chinese name 夏丽 (xià lì) which means ‘summer beauty’. Beautiful as the summer. As the summer.

This incredible album will immediately have your full attention, each single tells a story beautifully and is a joy to sit and listen too. The warm, acoustic sounds combined with the delicate and beautiful vocals by Charlotte creates a chilled atmosphere, every track you feel you are having a personal gig by Charlotte which I feel adds more of a magical feel this this brilliant album. The lyrics will capture you imagination and I feel we can all relate to them, they draw you in and you cannot help but sit and listen to every word, they really help to make each single stand out.

The vocals are something that has stayed consistently strong throughout this album, combined with the instrumentals gives this album a unique sound, each single will have you hooked and will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

Great job Charlotte!


By Ollie Cooper