Ellie Grace: The bold and unapologetic London based singer-songwriter, with a passion for grabbing people’s attention with performances as vibrant as her red hair. Ellie tells raw stories through a fresh blend of indie rock and electro-pop in her DIY solo project, through single releases and music videos. This Aries moon-gazer has the ability to light up any room with her excitable energy and keeps eyes fixated on her every move.

Ellie’s music has received exciting coverage. She has had radio play and interviews on BBC Radio Kent, BCB Radio, OVERVIEW Radio and Idobi Anthm. She has received lovely reviews from music blogs such as Real Real Clout, Le Future Wave and Cheers To The Vikings. Her music has also been playlisted in PPL spaces in the UK and has therefore been played in shops, restaurants and other public places.

Set at a time just before that of Ellie’s previous single, Better Off Alone is an emotive piece of indie-pop that explores the feelings of falling from one relationship to the next and realising that you’ve never taken the plunge to discover who you are when you’re all alone. It’s about seeing love as a game and looking around at all of the people who have become pieces in the mess you’ve made. The track sounds like wanting to dance alone and like running into the ocean. Before she actually found real love, there was once a time when Ellie wondered…am I really better off alone?

Listening to the single the first thing that really grabs my attention is Ellie’s voice, it’s tones, unique sound and magical feel to it really shows through in this single. There is something about the vocals I love, it just instantly makes me listen to every word Ellie sings.

The lyrics it tells the story perfectly and really gets you thinking, I found myself listening to the single and changing my mind throughout about what Ellie was singing, it really caused a debate in my head, but I love that about a single, something that gets you thinking. I also love how relatable the lyrics are, for me the relatability made it even easier for me to connect with this brilliant single.

This is a well-produced single that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, this is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to, but I must admit I enjoyed listening to Ellie’s latest single and I look forward to hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.

A great treat for the ears.


By Siân Parker