With his new single “One For You” circling the indie-pop space like a satellite, Noah Lema is proving to be quite the indie-pop maestro. It’s Noah Lema’s first release which has blown up over here, and it’s left many fans wondering why so long to discover his work.

Furthermore, Noah Lema and Anderton, the vocalist, provide a unique perspective to the scene, and they follow it up with a fascinating mix that gives the chart leaders a run for their money. They cleverly combine numerous styles and genres into one, resulting in something of a musical hybrid.

Anderton’s vocal delivery is dramatic, and he may easily transition into a vocal theatre performer. He has passion, which is evident from the time he opens his vocal cords; it is most likely what will carry him forward with a style that isn’t all that common in today’s game.

Similarly, the music takes an unexpected path. Furthermore, it opens with an 80s-inspired into that has a lot going on. But don’t be fooled by this; as time goes on, it takes on new directions and becomes a modern anthem in its own right. Furthermore, the drums become more potent in the latter, the synths have a sharper texture, and Anderton’s vocal gains a fresh lease on life.

Overall, a great job from Noah Lema and Anderton. Yes, there are plenty of similarities to past hits, but there is a new quality here too.

By Dodgem