Genre bending artist and songwriter, Etoile, prides herself on breaking traditional stereotypes. Her evolution into musician from professional dancer and circus performer has allowed her to merge her talents into her music, artistry, and live performances.

Etoile say’s “‘Moonlight’ is a romantic song about falling in love/making love under the moonlight, fully written and produced by me at the start of 2021”.

Listening to the single the first thing that really grabs my attention is Etoile’s voice, its tones, unique sound, and magical feel to it really shows through in this single. There is something about the vocals I love, and it just instantly makes me listen to every word Etoile sings.

Listening to the lyrics it tells the story perfectly and really gets you thinking, I found myself listening to the single and changing my mind throughout about what Etoile was singing, it really caused a debate in my head, but I love that about a single, something that gets you thinking and right not I need something that keeps my brain thinking.

This is a well-produced single that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, from it’s catchy and unique sound to it’s gripping lyrics there is nothing I didn’t instantly love about this brilliant single. This is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to, but I must admit I enjoyed listening to Etoile’s latest single and I look forward to hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.


By Siân Parker