Chloe is a producer and singer/songwriter that goes by ‘Cholly’, a nickname that stuck. She likes to experiment with different organic sounds and seeing how far they go to make her music. Her music is described as cinematic electronic pop, and she streams ‘audio brainstorms’ to Twitch most Thursdays under the username Chollymusic. These streams often help her to generate ideas for new music and sound textures. Her new single, ‘3 Day Weekend’ started with a Twitch stream. This song is about emotional burn-out and fantasising about the simple comforts responsibility sometimes gets in the way of.

‘3 Day Weekend’ is part of a long EP that will be released in mid-November, called Friday Night. Each song on the EP was made on a Friday night. The EP was made during lockdown and explores communication online, connecting over a distance and loneliness. During the lockdowns.

This incredible single is a little over 2 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy pop sound which you will fall in love with. The melody creates a unique atmosphere, the sensational vocals capture your attention and make you sit and listen to every word. The sound along with the lyrics create something that is special, that you can’t help but love.

The combination of instrumentals, sounds with Chloe’s vocals is magical. It starts simply but builds into an incredible single and is guaranteed to have you up onto your feet. What I love the most the unique sounds which works so well together to create a track that stand out, this is a single you need to hear!

Great job Chloe!


By Ollie Cooper