Robert O’Connor new single ‘Been & Gone’ was produced by Richey McCourt and is a breakup anthem set to an emotionally-charged electronic soundscape, inspired by the sound of Scandipop.

This single screams to me summer anthem. It has everything we have come to expect from Robert, catchy lyrics, upbeat vibe, catchy sound, and brilliant vocals from Robert. What I also love about this track is its unique sound and catchy lyrics which will have you hooked within seconds and wishing you was listening to the single being played live.

The relatable lyrics combined with the catchy sound makes this track an instant favourite for anyone trying to escape these strange times we are in now. You will connect to the song straight away and the will more than likely have the chorus stuck in your head for a day or two like I did.

The music has lots of different things thrown into it, yet all together creates a great sound. From the upbeat temp to the vocals and sound there is nothing I don’t love about this track which you can tell instantly has been put together with so much care and attention to detail, for me this really is the perfect summer anthem.

This single will make you feel like you’ve been taken back to the dancefloor which is a place I think we all missed. The lyrics are brilliant, I found myself listening to every word and relating to some of the lyrics and I was singing along.


By Ollie Cooper







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