Originally from Warwickshire, Ivy Ash grew up in the Midlands before moving to London in her late teens and France in her early 20s. She may still be young, but Ivy Ash has plenty of experiences to recount and stories to tell. “I think I must have been at least 22 before it felt like life wasn’t one big uphill struggle. Even so, I value every experience I’ve been through, good or bad, because it’s made me who I am today.” As a supporter of positive mental health, Ivy started to make music as a way of expressing her struggles and overcoming anxiety. “I hope my music helps others to find their true voice and confidence. Even if my work resonates with just one person, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Over the past 2 years, Ivy has been working intensively on her craft and has gained various achievements as a songwriter, including international radio play and BBC Music Introducing’s ‘Tune of the Week.’ In early 2020, Ivy proudly gained ‘The Transmission Fund’ from Help Musicians UK to attend a Norwegian Song writing Camp; and by 2021, Ivy had secured music funding from Arts Council England

Described as “an artist and songwriter who definitely shines in terms of innovation and creativity,” Ivy Ash is strutting into the end of 2021 with a brand new single. Fearless, feel-good, and funky, “Third Degree” is a song all about discovering your boundaries, taking control, and realising how to move forward. This track has been fully supported via Arts Council England and their ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ fund.

Ivy comments: “Third Degree is the first track to come out of my project with Arts Council England. I wrote this song during my development and creation time within the first quarter of 2021. The song is sassy, fun, playful, and a little bit crazy–a mixture of everything you could need!”

The track opens with catchy instrumental, a basic guarantee for any track created by Ivy. The rhythm picks up and you find yourself tapping along to this uplifting, energetic and a feel-good single. This incredible is a little over 2 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy pop sound which you will fall in love with.

The melody creates a unique atmosphere, the sensational vocals capture your attention and make you sit and listen to every word. The sound along with the lyrics create something that is special, that you can’t help but love.

What I love the most the unique sounds which works so well together to create a track that stand out, this is a single you need to hear!


By Siân Parker