There’s a glow coming from Maine, and it’s not from the early Christmas lights; it’s from Jennifer Porter. ‘Show Me Your Love,’ her latest release, is the exquisite treat that the world has been waiting for all year!

Jennifer understands how to get us dripping from the mouth with zeal by starting with a rhythm tap ahead of a soulful blues intro. She welcomes you into a realm of peace and tranquilly. Her vocals also warm the ears as if we were wearing a woolly hat. It’s clear from the start that this will be a game-changer, and Jennifer does not disappoint.

The singer/ songwriter does not waste time unleashing her full force, as she uses her superb voice quality throughout the song. Furthermore, her tones gleam against a sleek and bluesy guitar riff, adding even more weight to the composition’s already impressive foundation. A gorgeous gospel choir also arrives, not that she needs it, and adds even more star quality to the overall soundscape.

The refrain is challenging to distinguish from the verse in the first second. Still, Jennifer delivers a beautiful bridge in the mid-section, which even enables us to witness a lovely brass sounding arrangement leap out of the mix like a jack in a box. It perfectly summarises the release, and if you aren’t already drifting off to a peaceful space, you will be once the bridge arrives.

‘Show Me Your Love’ is a delicious song. Jennifer expresses her desire to see more love in the world, and she does so with distinction!

You can take a listen to this new single below.

By Dodgem