Thomas Cole and Lizzie Allyn have magical chemistry, and their new song ‘Fairy Tales’ shows them to be a formidable duo.

The new release is powerful and talks to the societal gap that exists all too often. Furthermore, Thomas Cole considers what it’s like for one person to fall in love with another by chance, despite all the odds. It’s a message that will resonate with many people and provide hope and encouragement that life has a way of bringing soul mates together.

Thomas Cole’s vocals are on point here, and he has the indie-pop tones to propel him even higher. So far, he’s had a fantastic year, with many of his tunes hitting levels that even Thomas could not have predicted when he started his 2021. Lizzie Allyn also contributes to his discography, and she brings a unique flair to Thomas’ new music that we haven’t seen before.

Lizzie Allyn is a breath of fresh air, so it’s no surprise Thomas chose her for this project. She sings with confident assurance, and her passion elicits a profound emotion in our bodies that draws us back again and again. She also reveals that she is versatile as a performer, switching back and forth between conventional singing and rap. Her rap performance is impressive, with her giving the tune a dimension that no one could have predicted.

You can take a listen to this new single below.



By Dodgem