Oliver Vawdrey is an Indie/Pop artist from Manchester with an upbeat sound and honest lyrics which can be related to on a personal level. Dark guitar and vocals matched with upbeat rhythm creates a unique sonic environment for his expressive melodies to sit and resonate with his listeners. He takes inspirations from artist/bands such as Sea Girls, Harry Styles and The 1975 and credits them for helping him find his sound which has been developed once again in his soon to be released single ‘Let You Go’.

His single ‘Let You Go’ is a song about finding comfort and balance in someone unexpected and the connection that comes with that. It references the importance of not letting go of things and people that are important to you as they are often what build you to be stronger within yourself. The song was written and demoed in the space of 4 hours as part of his second year signwriting assignments at Leeds Conservatoire. “I was struggling to write songs for my assignments as I had already written and demoed 2 others the previous day. So I went to my local shop, got a Wispa chocolate bar and a can of coke, sat on the grass in the centre of Leeds and from there the song just came to me as soon as I picked up my guitar again”

This single will have you tapping along as you sit listening to this incredibly catchy track. It quickly builds and before you know it, the chorus that will no doubt be stuck in your head after hearing it for the first time.

The single is a little over 3 minutes of catchy riffs and some great vocals from Oliver. When the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you can’t help but listen to every word Oliver sing’s whilst tapping along.

This single has such a catchy and unique sound you can’t help but fall in love with, for me this single had my full attention from the very beginning, its full of raw energy and a ridiculous amount of talent and I just loved everything about it.

A great single by Oliver and one you need to listen to, I can only see him getting better as time goes on and he gets more experience. A great single by a talented young guy and a guy to keep an eye out for.

Great job!


By Oliver Cooper