The Luka State are poised for big things in 2022 as they look to build upon everything they achieved following the release of their debut album ‘Fall In Fall Out’ last year. Not letting a pandemic hold them back they played 35 shows across Europe in just two months, including two laps of UK gigs supporting The Reytons, as they performed to a combined audience of 20,000 people and appeared on French TV’s Taratata. Even then they still found the time to write a body of supercharged new songs to channel their lockdown frustrations into a cathartic release of pent-up energy. Today the band release ‘Oxygen Thief’, their first new song since releasing their debut, along with its official video.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“Music was always around me growing up, it kind of followed me and I found it an obsession when I was a teenager. We first bonded over of our love for 70s punk in our early teens. We were bored, lost and angry and something kind of resonated with us. We realised that picking up instruments to express ourselves was the way forward. And after that a brand new world opened up to us”.

Tell us about your new single Oxygen Thief

“Oxygen Thief is a moody little fucker. It was born out of the frustration of lockdown. I went through some really personal traumatic shit and whilst in the middle of the pandemic I discovered this new side to writing. A more honest side where letting it all out and showing your vulnerability could be a form of art. I also found it as a form of therapy. This song is for anyone who has ever felt the underdog, anyone who’s lost and needs to put some music on and zone out. It’s rock n roll as it comes”.

What was it like growing up in Winsford? How did you first get into music?

“We started this band from sheer boredom. There was nothing to do in this town. Where we come from has a kind of pattern. You either play football or you pick up an instrument and form a band. There was a good music scene in our town for this reason. We were surrounded by a lot of older lads who had formed bands and were playing at our local venue. Seeing that they could do it meant that we could do it from the age of 13. We never looked back from there really”.

Can you describe your music in 3 words? 

“Fierce, passionate, real”

If The Luka State could collaborate with any other artist – who would that be?

“I’d love to collaborate with Mike Skinner. He’s a bit of a legend. He comes from the same background as us lads but just from the city. His music growing up spoke to us. I think he’d get the whole vibe of this new direction. I always found The Streets real and honest”.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

“Inspiration is always around me. You can find it in anything if you look hard enough. Sometimes my writing can come from stories about myself or the characters I meet in life, sometimes they are about people I know but I never tell them ha. I use writing as a form of therapy and transcending what’s going on upstairs onto a piece of paper always seems like the right thing for me”.

If you had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music what would you want it to be?

“I guess everyone wants to be remembered as a good person but I guess that’s a bit pretentious isn’t it ha. I’m loyal as fuck and I’ll follow you to the end of the earth if you have my back. My door is always open, my phone is always on and the kettle is always boiling. I got you”.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

“We’re about to announce a European tour in the spring. We CAN NOT WAIT to get out there and see our beautiful fans and play some loud rock n roll for everyone!”

By Siân Parker



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