‘Colored Transmission Waves’ is the latest track to be released by Victoria Moralez. The singer, who originally hails from Sweden, has adopted her own approach while taking influence from similar artists who have come before.

Fusing all things fabulous from this genre, Victoria adds her scent, making for quite the unique cocktail. Furthermore, it isn’t easy to not find yourself gravitating towards her the moment it commences. Starting is a gentle vocal from Victoria on top of a tapping beat. We also hear a piano arrangement echoing out in the background.

Vocally, Victoria stands out, leaving no room for any ambiguity with her narrative. She sings with her heart on her sleeve, and she adds power when she needs to, which makes for a pleasant listen. The track builds in the chorus, and the tempo increases, and although there is no massive drum beat, it works, and the simplistic approach pays off massively.

The beat changes shape as the track progresses. Although, it remains very minimalist at times; and it never truly reaches its climax. Nevertheless, similar to the other elements of the mix, the cadence is convincing, and the vocal glues everything together with a myriad of backing harmonies rising out of the production.

Overall, it is a track that provides just about something for everybody. The harmonies are on point, and the melody is hard to keep out of the mind once it concludes.

By Siân Parker