‘Delhi Station Drift’, the latest release from Mujinzo, is the type of track that gets better with every listen. Initially, it creates an indent, but it gets deeper with every fresh playthrough.

Experimental and challenging to compartmentalise, ‘Delhi Station Drift’ ultimately glides in its own space. It takes various cues from other tracks which have arisen before, but there is no aspect of the production which you can mirror against another. Furthermore, Mujinzo stays far from the status quo of the music industry norm, and he does it his way; it is reviving!

The single, which is from the EP of the same title, has newfound energy required more than ever given the crazy few years we have all had to endure. It creates a positive feeling with its feel-good cadence, and the beat changes keep us on our toes for the entirety. The vocals are very out of the envelope too. Moreover, it is not a traditional song, given that there is no specific vocal performance. Instead, a myriad of non-lexical vocal elements repeat as the track progresses.

Based in Australia but originally from England, Mujinzo is evidently well-travelled, and his cosmopolitan personality reflects in his music creations. He takes sounds from many areas of the globe and fuses them into a motley of his very own. Also, the track brings a sense of unpredictability, too, often delving down a new path, especially towards the closing parts where Mujinzo infuses an oriental aura before returning us to base.

You can take a listen to this new single below.

By Dodgem