Who were your musical influences growing up?

“My first biggest influences were Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens. And maybe The Smiths and The Strokes”

Tell us about your new single Birthmark feat. emawk

“Emawk is so talented and one of my favourite musicians, I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on quite a few tracks now and I’m always amazed by what he does. Birthmark was a little idea I had sitting on my harddrive for a while when I was putting stuff together for this album, basically a layered guitar progression loop which is one of my favourite ways to start an idea. I sent a few tracks to Emawk to see if he was keen on any of them, and a few weeks later he sent me back the most beautiful vocals with all these harmonies. It inspired me to finally develop it into a full track and I’m excited for its release”

How/when did you first get into playing the guitar and music production?

“I started playing guitar when I was about 15, just as a way to try and learn and play all my favourite songs. After a few bands and projects I eventually got into producing as a way to more fully express my ideas and work with a wider range of my favourite musicians”

Describe your music in 3 words  

“Adventurous, calming, confusing”

Are there any artists you would still love to collaborate with? 

“It will always be a dream to be able to make something with either Radiohead or Sufjan Stevens, hopefully one day”

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs? 

“I think anything can be an inspiration these days, especially with how accessible it is to make music now. It could be from going on a walk, visiting a new country, making music with different people, or just hearing a random sound or melody and trying to start a song from it. But I always find the best ideas come when I’m not actively trying to force myself to write something”

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

“I’m excited to start from scratch again on a new project, and also finally finish and release an album with my friend Tennyson that we’ve been working on for a few years”

By Siân Parker


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