From Bristol with love, The 139 are a new band to enter the indie scene. With soft melodies and solid licks, Tom, George, Ben and Danny speak for those lost in the middle without a voice of their own.

​Not only are they bandmates, The 139 are named after their shared home in Bristol where the boys are constantly writing new music and enjoying each other’s company. 

​The 139 began in lockdown 2020, when lead vocalist Tom Smee began to write and recorded demos of tracks that would later become the band’s first two singles. ‘The Past 6 Months,’ the band’s debut single was released in Sept 2021, creating a splash in Bristol and acting as the pre-cursing for a number of large shows performed by the band.

The 139’s second single ‘Feeling Blue’ depicts just what the name of the track might suggest and the longing for those things we can’t always keep.

​Rejection is something we all know well, and the song is derived from those sullen days of overthinking and reminiscing where we’re always left ‘Feeling Blue’.

The single starts of calm the soft, melodic vocals and a twinkling guitar riff, this combined with the catchy instrumentals fits perfectly together to create a special sound which you will instantly fall in love with.

The instrumental with the soft vocals builds up the track and becomes a little more fast paced towards the middle of the track but also still manages to be rather calming. You will find yourself tapping along with the easy listening track within the first few seconds, if not you will certainly have the lyrics stuck in your head.

The song has a slight summer vibe to it which I feel all their music does, which is something that makes their sound so unique and enjoyable. The track has proven itself to be worthy of success it has had so far.

I really cannot fault this track which proves the band can write some great tracks that you will full in love with. You need to listen to from start to finish to fully appreciate for yourself how good it is.


By Siân Parker