Artic Baba unleash ‘Mr. Crazy’, the band take a bold step forward with a pop-rock edge that is instantly fascinating. The Italian band polish their skill and provide the scene with a nostalgic flavour of yesteryear coupled with modern characteristics popular in today’s market.

The group starts strong, and they do not hold back when it comes to cranking out high-quality riffs. Furthermore, the music begins with a guitar lead that entices us and does not let us go! A second riff appears along with the fist-thumping drum rhythm. Eric on vocals then takes the track to a whole new level of possibility with his captivating vocal tone that perfectly matches the style of the track.

The music is continuously getting better, and the journey ahead is exciting. Furthermore, the guitar riffs gain energy as the song progresses, and the drums strike even harder in the refrain, adding to the hammering weight of the main vocal.

Lyrically, Luca, the songwriter, examines his thoughts and writes about a vital subject to his heart. Moreover, he refers to someone as ‘Mr. Crazy,’ someone who constantly pushes the envelope and brings hope and optimism in whatever they do in life. Are they real, or are they just a state of mind? Luca leaves it up to us to make our own decisions.



By Dodgem