The genre-bending songstress is opening 2022 with the first official single from her upcoming LOUVE album.

“The Hunt is about the pursuit of success and the steps that one takes to realise their aspirations. It was written through the lense of the she-wolf archetype as this is the concept of my debut album.”

Listening to the single the first thing that really grabs my attention is Etoile voice, it’s tones, unique sound and magical feel to it really shows through in this single. There is something about the vocals I love, it just instantly makes me listen to every word Etoile sings.

The lyrics it tells the story perfectly, I love how relatable the lyrics are, for me the relatability made it even easier for me to connect with this brilliant single. The lyrics combined with the uplifting and catchy sound works really well to create a single that will grab your attention and you will instantly fall in love with.

This is a well-produced single that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, this is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to, but I must admit I enjoyed listening to Etoile latest single and I look forward to hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.


By Siân Parker