Shane Pi kicks off his solo career with a bang with his new single, ‘Company’, from his debut EP, ‘Is This Art?’.

‘Company’ has an indie-rock aesthetic, as well as feel-good funk grooves and a variety of other styles and components that contribute to the track’s distinct flavour. It begins with a foot-tapping beat that sets the gears in action in rapid succession. Then a crunchy guitar rhythm takes us on a trip, with its American tonation delighting the ears.

Shane Pi does not adopt a traditional singing method and instead digs into his own toolkit; his lyrics also candidly reflect life’s many experiences. Furthermore, Shane Pi is looking for company and does not want to feel isolated anymore, which is likely something many people can relate to after years of being trapped in lockdowns.

The guitars take on a new chapter in the last moments of the composition, rising forth with confidence. In addition, a slew of additional sounds appear, adding to the already substantial production and providing even more reason to be enthusiastic, given that this is Shane’s first official release.

‘Is This Art?’ The EP, which includes ‘Company,’ also includes four other indie-rock treasures, each of which offer something new and different. Furthermore, they all stand out when listening to one another, which is a rare occurrence in today’s industry.

By Dodgem