THE FUR is a new artist and producer from the land that gave you Zara Larsson, ABBA and Avicii. With a solid musical background and a flair for crafting epic and energetic dance-pop, THE FUR dropped his debut single ‘Americana’ in June 2021. Through collaborations with prominent songwriters and vocalists, THE FUR has in no-time become a name on the pop and EDM scene, with Spotify Editorial placement and a host of tastemaker support. A life-affirming and vibrant music project, at the heart of THE FUR’s artistry is a drive to craft great music first and foremost. Music is the portal through which this artist experiences the world; connecting with other, like-minded musicians, as well as lovers of music. A beautiful reason to connect with people across the globe; THE FUR appreciates the magical power of music to inspire and unite us all. We all know that rare and magical feeling when we discover a track that truly resonates with us. THE FUR hopes that his music will provide that sense of wonder and respite for you. With a burning passion for all things music, THE FUR creates and shares music for the sheer joy of doing so. This artist is not seeking limelight; far from it. We may be left guessing – who even is THE FUR? Beyond music, THE FUR is a project of love and creativity; encouraging us all to own our truest self. So what are you waiting for? Come and join a quickly-growing community of fans, and enjoy the empowering music of this mysterious artist. Combining Swedish pop melodies with hard hitting dance productions, THE FUR’s music will make your feet move and your heart sing. Discover it for yourself.

Continuing to place their mark on the music scene, THE FUR has garnered tastemaker support from the likes of Music Crowns, Purple Melon and Flex. With exciting things on the horizon, and more new music in store, they are certainly not to be missed. Now, following on from the success of their previous 2022 single, ‘Autograph’; having already amassed over 68k streams on Spotify alone, THE FUR is now back with a brand new release and the latest taste of their sound and artistry. Delivering another solid dance-pop track, and showcasing the expertly crafted bold and energetic soundscapes that THE FUR has become known for; their latest new release, ‘Night Eyes Paradise’, brings listeners into a vibrant and immersive sonic world.

Delivering a bold, vibrant ear-catching new anthem, The Fur’s exciting new single is one that certainly leaves you wanting more. Listening to the single the first thing that really grabs my attention it’s gripping vocals, unique tones and magical feel shows through in this single.

The lyrics it tells the story perfectly and really gets you thinking, I love that about a single. I also love how relatable the lyrics are, for me the relatability made it even easier for me to connect with this brilliant single.

Another fantastic single that has been well produced and will leave you wanting to hear more from THE FUR!

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper