Danny Bowles is a singer/songwriter from Leyland, Lancashire. He has recently released his debut single ‘Wake Me (My Dear)’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

The track starts with a simple yet catchy acoustic sound and some brilliant vocals from Danny which are magical and instantly draws you in and within seconds it will awaken every hair on the back of your neck. The beginning of this outstanding single shows off Danny’s vocals brilliantly and is a beautiful song to listen too.

The track starts to build with its phenomenal chorus that you will be singing along to word for word. The lyrics are powerful and relatable, any listener will be able to instantly relate to them which helps for the listener to connect to this brilliant single.

Danny has shown with this track he has the talent and skills to create a more acoustic single which is still has a powerful sound which you will be able to connect with and instantly fall in love with. I feel this track would be fantastic to hear live in a small venue I feel it would be magical to hear.

This is an impressive debut single which has everything I would look for when I discover a new artists, relatable lyrics, powerful sound and amazing vocals, there is no doubt that Danny has the talent to create brilliant songs after hearing this track. You need to listen to this single for yourself to fully appreciate the talent, skills and the ability Danny has in creating instant memorable track.


By Siân Parker