Spectral Display is a band from the Netherlands that never stops giving, and their latest tune, ‘Back On My Feet’, perfectly captures the spirit of summer 2022 while also providing all of us with a serotonin pick-me-up.

The track begins with a pulsating electronic overture, and the synths pull the listener’s ears toward the speakers in preparation for a change in the song’s structure and atmosphere in the first verse. Once the final note is over, there is a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. At this point, the feel-good energy takes centre stage, and Paul Simon emerges from the production to offer an outstanding vocal performance that many will relish.

There is an indie texture that paves the way forward, and its synergy with electronic and funky hooks creates an experience that is not dissimilar to other tracks in the scene today while still being one that is full of fresh aesthetics. The music grows even more intense as the track goes on, and Michel Mulders, the producer of the tune, keeps us on our toes for the length of it with surprises which leap out of the production at many intervals.

Overall, Spectral Display have come through with a strong release here, and this one is yet another indication that they’re becoming better with each new release that they put out. Roll on the next!

By Dodgem