East Coast rockers Annie Minogue Band are getting in your face with their new single Real Close Up – set for release June 20, 2022. The single heralds the release of their upcoming album, Suburbia, released on the Wolf Entertainment Group Label (excluding the US and Canada). Fronted by vocalist Annie Minogue herself, AMB’s line-up pulls in the talents of Nick Saya (drums), Nunzio Signore (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Karp (Bass), and Dave Archer (Keyboards) for an eclectic roster that merges the best of rock, pop, and the blues!

Real Close Up follows the group’s previous single, Sandbox, which shot to no.1 on the World Indie Charts. Fans of music the world over can look forward to hearing Real Close Up June 20th.

The single will captivate you from the very start, with its opening riff, through to the end, the edgy rock sounds of distorted guitar and Annie’s signature voice. This is one for all the classic rock lovers and also for all music lovers.

Annie certainly doesn’t shy away from classic American-style rock sound in the latest single, it is thoroughly upbeat straight from the word go and has that American rock sound all the way through. It’s just fantastic from start to finish.

An impressive single that you need to add to your playlist!


By Ollie Cooper






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