Irish folk duo The Winter Codes featuring founding member of Irish Folk Punk sensations Blood Or Whiskey Barney Murray, and virtuoso musician David Walshe are back with their upcoming LP Set The Darkness Reeling and its lead single Too Sly To Die. Fuelled by classic Irish folk influences, this album showcases the band’s pure love and devotion for their country with a thrashy and attitude filled flair balanced with an emotional tribute to their fallen band member.

The first single off the album is Too Sly To Die, where the band stick to their roots of traditional Irish folk with an uplifting and positive punk twist. The band opted to shoot the single’s accompanying video in Dublin landmark pub The Cobblestones. Having hosted traditional Irish music for decades, and being located in one of Dublin’s oldest neighbourhoods, the bar is synonymous with music from the region and with Too Sly to Die, The Winter Codes join the annuls of such musical greats.

The track successfully mixes the classic Irish folk sound with a punk twist which is not an easy thing to do however, The Winter Codes have made this sound easy. The lyrics are relatable and will have the listener gripped within seconds if they have not already been gripped by the effortless instrumentals or the brilliant vocals which are oozing in confidence.

This Captivating single has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail. The unique sound in this incredible single had my full attention, there was something about the sound that draws you in.


By Ollie Cooper