With the release of their newest single, titled ‘Ghost’, the Irish indie rock band Von Venn, which Gary Cox fronts, are emerging from the underground of their homeland and landing in the hands of many!

The most recent offering from Gary’s collective is an emotional roller coaster that also features an equally compelling and engaging tale. The singer-songwriter hits a chord with audiences when expressing frankly about loss and the desolation that comes with no longer having someone who means a lot by one’s side.

The song is composed in an indie rock style, with the intensity building up as it progresses to the middle section, with the guitars rising to the forefront of the production. Musically, there is no dissonance, and the vocal from Gary melds itself with ease alongside a female vocal harmony. Additionally, the texture of the song’s sincere quality leaves an impression on the ear.

It is pretty challenging to find a recent release that is comparable to this tune, and despite the fact that there are oblique references to some of the best independent bands from the early to the middle of the 2000s, it is safe to state that this song belongs securely on a shelf all to itself. The movement never quite reaches its pinnacle, but a lot of energy still emerges from the mix, and its capacity to lure us back in for more is rather astounding.

By Dodgem