The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a band, a community and a movement, but most of all, it’s an excuse to don your western wear and give yourself over to the song and dance at the heart of every BTU show. Bobby enraptures his audiences with his deep, rich voice and thoughtful, tender lyrics, rustling up a fresh new take on the old country we all love. Some say he exhibits the sincerity of Johnny Cash, the wit of Roger Millar, and vocal stylings and production sensibilities of Lee Hazlewood. He and his band are lifelong friends and it shows in the way they bring the songs to life.

Bobby’s friends are all premier musicians, formed organically from playing together for years. There are usually seven band members, including drums, bass, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, two secondary vocalists and piano. They share the same understanding of life, prioritizing love, acceptance and connection and each fit in perfectly, bringing light and love to the stage. Their bond is apparent in the performances and shows a sincerity that is hard to find. Bobby is sometimes also known to strip down and play piano with just his pedal steel and acoustic guitar player. No matter what iteration, when on stage, the memory of his grandmother sitting by his side is the fuel that keeps The Bobby Tenderloin Universe train on the tracks.

The intro will capture your attention within seconds as your ears are greeted to the sound of an acoustic and some modulated vocals which will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

The combination of guitar with vocals is magical. It starts simply but builds and builds. The hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them. The unique sound is magical to hear and will capture your attention and imagination within seconds, this combined with the lyrics and vocals makes this single so special to hear. This incredible singe strikes a gorgeous balance between energy and emotion.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper