Gazelle are back with a brand new single ‘Violet Hour Blues’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

On first listen, the classic song-writing style by Ryan with the incorporation of strings, drums and vocals makes this track instantly recognisable as a Gazelle track. This track is a little slower than the usual tracks the band have created before, however this track still manages to have that Gazelle sound we all love to hear yet shows another side to the band and proves they have the talent to create an instant memorable track.

There is no doubt that this track lyrics will be stuck in your head for days, they are relatable and really capture the listeners attention. The lyrics combined with the brilliant instrumentals and delicate vocals create a track which is just magical to listen to and will have you gripped within seconds.

This is another quality song that you can tell has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail. They have managed to maintain their ability to bang out instantly memorable track but with a more delicate sound. This single is another example of the way the band create their own genre, they have their own unique sound and for me there is no other band around that sound like Gazelle and this track just shows how talented and brilliant this band are.

This is arguably my most favourite release from Gazelle to date!


By Siân Parker