Marcus is a 23 year-old independent artist from Warrington (UK).

“I’ve been writing and performing music for several years now, and I’ve been releasing music for at least the last two. I started off performing in my local town, then moved on to Manchester & Liverpool, before finally moving to London. My biggest influences include Damien Rice, The Last Shadow Puppets, Amy Winehouse, Frank Turner to name a few. I particularly like music that has a lyrical focus and tend to write songs with that in mind.

My new single, ‘Aspirations’ is about tackling the idea of whether or not someone’s aspirations or work ethic can affect their relationships. While trying to be quite fun and light-hearted lyrically, I think the song is bittersweet at its core. The track was recorded at Matchbox Studios in Warrington & is part of an upcoming EP due to be released at the end of summer. Musically, it’s sort of like soft indie-rock, and I like to think it’s the perfect soundtrack to putting your feet up at the end of the day, doing nothing, & being content with being lazy!”

The whole single is so lyrically skilful and has such a catchy and unique sound you can’t help but fall in love with. The laid-back feel around the track, along with the brilliant vocals for me had my full attention from the very beginning.

As soon as you press play you are greeted by some powerful vocals which instantly grab your attention, you find yourself listening to every word Marcus sings effortlessly. He uses his skilful storytelling to create a powerful and relatable track that you can’t help but love.

Demonstrating an incredible range and with the various tones and shades of his voice Marcus had managed to create something that truly captures the listeners attention. This combined with the incredible instrumentals and it’s layers helps to create a powerful single which has everything a fan would want to hear and much more.


By Siân Parker