The Rivers are a 4 piece Indie band from South Wales who have released their brand new single ‘Run’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

“It’s about associating with someone you know is bad for you and your friendships always up and down, existent then not, and saying they’d never piss you off….and it’s finally reached that point” – Dan.

Like every track this talented band have created it’s impossible to not listen to incredible single from beginning to end and to not become hooked, from the opening verses your transported to another level with the incorporation of strings, drums and vocals.

Your ears are also treated to some catchy lyrics which you will instantly relate too and some modulated vocals which will have you hooked. These two combined with the bands high energy instantly grab your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in and there is no escape!

Each time I hear a new single from this incredible band they seem to get better which I always feel is impossible but some how they do. There is no doubt that this track will fit into the bands impressive setlist and will become an instant favourite.

This is an impressive single by a talented band who have treated us to another incredible single to add to our playlists.


By Siân Parker