British, singer-songwriter Adam Giles Levy returns more potent than ever with his new album, ‘Wake of Disarray.’

The new album brings ten nail-biting tracks to the vanguard of alternative rock, each of which showcases Adam’s natural ability to think beyond the box, and he bestows indisputable quality throughout. His performance is genuine, and his euphonic soundscapes draw from a wide range of genres, including folk, rock, and post-genre blues.

Adam Giles Levy’s high-octane voice, as well as his thought-provoking lyrics, are one-of-a-kind, as are the guitars riffs that thrash through the speakers with gravitas. The drums provide a stadium-filling wallop, while the bass properly rattles the speakers.

From start to finish, it’s a visceral experience and one which you will not forget in a hurry.

By Dodgem




You can take a listen below.