Finnish musician Minna Ora is back with ‘Wind’, and it has caused a shockwave in the indie-rock scene. The high-octane adrenaline on this track keeps us captivated for the entirety of its duration, and it is yet another step in the right direction for the artist.

Minna uniquely propels herself forward while drawing subtle cues from what has come before due to being influenced by some of the very finest players in the game. Her uninhibited approach to composing, combined with the palpable feeling that her enthusiasm generates, is something we cannot ignore. She discusses prevailing in the face of adversity and how, even though a storm may brew, it won’t last forever if one can keep going! The narrative is one of the most arresting aspects of the new work, but we cannot overlook the powerful music playing in the background!

The music exudes a foreboding atmosphere, and there is a plethora of noises emanating from the surface of the composition. The drums bring a substantial amount of weight to the music and establish a firm foundation upon which the other sounds can rest. The guitars have an edge, pushing the limits of Minna’s sound while remaining true to the style she has been developing over the past few years. Additionally, the guitar solo in the closing portion adds a new depth to the overall track, and its menacing bite rips through the air.

By Dodgem

You can take a listen below