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HunnyB & Fortunato – ‘Love Like Yours’

Born and raised in Toronto’s west end, Fortunato dropped his first album in 2008 which had several videos in high rotation on Muchmusic and Muchvibe. He went on to tour Europe with Onyx, and has collaborated with artists such as, Sean P, Smif N Wessun, Madchild and Ghettosocks.

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Void Collapse

How did you all meet?

“I was working with a drummer from France I met on YouTube. We were having a hard time getting anything done because we were both trying to write to each other, passing things back and forth. It was too complicated, and nothing ended up getting done so we decided to wrap it up. I thought about using programmed drums, but decided to look around for someone to do them. I found Shane on a message board as a session drummer and told him I was interested. I told him that I just wanted him to send me fully done drum tracks, and I would write to him. That seemed to be the best way to do it for me. He thought that was no problem, and we’ve been working together for about four or five years now”.

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Oliver Vawdrey – ‘Let You Go’

Oliver Vawdrey is an Indie/Pop artist from Manchester with an upbeat sound and honest lyrics which can be related to on a personal level. Dark guitar and vocals matched with upbeat rhythm creates a unique sonic environment for his expressive melodies to sit and resonate with his listeners. He takes inspirations from artist/bands such as Sea Girls, Harry Styles and The 1975 and credits them for helping him find his sound which has been developed once again in his soon to be released single ‘Let You Go’.

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Shackites – ‘Losing My Mind’

Shackites are a 5 piece indie back from Manchester, their debut single ‘Losing My Mind’ is available to stream on all music platforms.

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The Facades – ‘Don’t Ask’

The Facades are a 4 piece band from Wigan. The band’s new single ‘Don’t Ask’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Top 10 bands of 2021

2021 is coming to an end, what a year it’s been, it’s been a strange and tough year for us all. Luckily for us live music has returned which is something we have all missed but we are glad it’s back. It has still been a tough year for bands and artist who have had to reschedule gigs and even cancel shows at the last minute but i’m sure I speak for all when I say we don’t mind, we are just glad the live music has returned and hopefully everything will be fully back to normal soon.  

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Mark Westberg – ‘Galaxy Disco’

Mark C. Westberg (SAG/AFTRA Union) is a queer, gender-fluid, and mentally divergent freelance artist, performer, and musician originally from Seattle, WA and currently residing in Santa Fe, NM. They are a performance graduate with honors from the Santa Fe University of Art & Design (Spring 2014), and also serve as a director on Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance, as well as a team member on CHART Santa Fe. They began the music part of their career around 15 to 16 years of age writing original music, and owe much of their inspiration to travel, experiences, curiosity, and the love and support of their most wonderful friends and family.

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Ashley Stacey – ‘The Morning Sun’

Ashley Stacey is an Indie Rock singer / songwriter from South East London.

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World Goes Round

Pop/Rock album originally recorded in 1989 and newly released by hit songwriter/singer/musicians Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers and Jeff Hull will now be available for collectors on Vinyl.

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