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Near Death Experience – ‘Moves’

Near Death Experience are leaping out of the UK’s capital with their infectious and hard-hitting sound. They have only recently joined forces to make a band which bring a similar quality to a rock supergroup. 

Kicking off this triumphant release is ‘Ian Whiteling’ taking the lead with a vocal which shouts out with charisma. He provides a lot of courage in the opening section, and it has a ‘Tom Waits’ sound, which comes more dominant than ever with him putting his all into his delivery. Behind the vocal is a modern bass rhythm which proves the bassist’s ability to churn out a slammer. A drumbeat then hits and comes with an unusual structure with a slowish yet energetic tempo. 

Once the chorus hits, all the guns are firing in force. The guitar lead which echoes around the mix is nail-biting, and it leads us into the ultimate solo with it taking a 60s stance with it reminding me of the greats from the classic rock genre. Melodic is a strong point for this band, and their inflexion in the chorus is enthralling with it bringing lots of memorabilities, so much so you will not get it out of your coconut for some time.

Towards the ending of the track, the tempo picks up the pace and the band shine with stomping hits. It makes for the perfect head-shaker with ‘Ian’ screaming out with charismatic flavour in the background before delving into the chorus again for one last massive delivery. The finale is brilliant, and it leaves us itching to hit replay to get another fix one more time. 

You can listen and pre-save the groups latest single ‘Moves’ below. Also, be sure to keep up to date with the band by following them on social media below. Plenty more gems like this one are sure to come out soon. 

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By Dodgem

Saint Raymond

Saint Raymond has continued to accumulate millions of streams with the release of the EPs ‘A Light That Binds’ and ‘3’. The new album is the culmination of two years of work, which he has dedicated his time to writing countless songs and experimenting then honing new ideas in the studio. 2021 will see Saint Raymond return in style with a new album and a return to the live arena. 

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Conrad Ashton – ‘No post on sundays’

Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Conrad has a no-nonsense approach to music making and performance – he is simply himself. A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes.

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Matt Marcii & Robbie Hutton – ‘Sugar’

Matt Marcii is a pop producer and writer based in Cambridge, England. He discovered his love for music whilst at University in Scotland and started writing songs and recording fellow students in his student halls at local recording studios in Stirling. Matt Marcii (pronounces Mar-Sea) name is said to be inspired by three of his biggest icons. Two inside of music and one from outside of music. No one has guessed all three role models correctly. Matt Marcii’s simple aim is to create catchy melodies that stay burried in the listener’s minds after the first lesson. Matt is inspired by great Swedish songwriters and grew up playing and listening to orchestral music which crops up in his pop productions.

A shining example of modern independent songwriting, Robbie Hutton has carved his unique sound from a mixture of soulful pop and ballad-driven rock. Reaching back into his own experiences to create modern tales of heartbreak, catharsis and loss, the Stirling man possesses a classic grasp of storytelling so often neglected today. With a diverse catalogue and an impressive vocal range, the 26-year-old has the capacity to reach a huge range of audiences, with each song bringing something different to the table.

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Victoria Owsnett – ‘Thrones’

Victoria Owsnett is a singer/songwriter from the North East of England, she has released her debut solo release ‘Thrones’. Victoria started writing and producing her own music in 2014, by 2018 Victoria had established a distinctive electro-pop sound and co-founded synth-soaked band ‘AXLS’, in which she is lead singer and songwriter. Wanting to venture out and release music under her own identity, Victoria is working on some pop hits which will each be released as singles. ‘Thrones’ is just the tip of the iceberg for the singer and 2020 will also see her collaborate with artists from around the world. The first collaboration, a feature on US artist John John’s ‘Time Stands Still’, was released on June 12th 2020 and is a lo-fi, bedroom pop song which shows a new side to Victoria’s versatile vocals

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Bad Girlfriend – ‘Here it Comes’

Coming out of South Birmingham, UK, Bad Girlfriend hit the road running in 2015 and instantly made a name for themselves on the local live circuit for their off the wall, amp climbing, stage-diving live show and balls to the wall punk/garage sound. Quickly integrating with local legends such as God damn, Youth man and Table scraps, they’ve gone on to play with internationally touring groups The Chats, Swervedriver and Dune Rats, and held their own with UK rising acts Murder Capital and Shame. From Glasgow to London they have played across some of the nations underground DIY venues and have started to build a buzz nationwide.

Now regarded as one of the most must-see live acts in the region, after three bonkers EP’s the group have now made an effort to focus on and hone in on their recorded sound with the always great Mark Gittins for their latest effort.

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Cat Ryan – ‘Blessed Through The TV’

Previous single “Mannerism” saw Cat Ryan thrust into the spotlight, receiving critical acclaim from tastemakers such as When The Horn Blows, The Girls At The Rock Show, Indietronica and Yack Magazine, as well as being featured by Loud Women and Little Indie Blogs. They now return with their subsequent single “Blessed Through The TV” displaying genuine flair for creative instrumentation as well as clever lyricism.

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Andrew Cushin – ‘Waiting for the Rain’

During lockdown I’ve been trying to listen to as much new music as possible, it’s been a dream to just get out for a stroll and listen to new artists/bands and get into what they’re about through their tunes. It’s a good way to clear the mind in what has probably been the weirdest few months of our lives. 

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Oz has been a songwriter since her early teens, after her father’s passion for music inspired her immersion in the worlds of bold musicians like The Clash, Dolly Parton, No Doubt and Kate Bush. Her fascination with life’s rough edges is surely inspired by her youth spent in her family’s pizzeria in a pre-gentrified Soho.

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