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“You need to start a band with me!” solidified the beginnings of a line-up for Headshrinkers following singer, Garran Hickman meeting lead guitarist James Knott in their local pub. Affiliated by a shared music taste, a mutual determination to write great music and play live shows, they brought in bassist Xavier Al-Naqib, and drummer Scarlett to complete the line-up. Now with a new found sense of urgency and excitement, the newly formed band crafted a high-energy setlist and took to the stage.

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The Shed – ‘Runaway’

The shed is an eccentric duo with an eclectic taste of music, Josh and Tyro joined together during the Lockdown to create The Shed, an eccentric duo from London, with an eclectic taste of music.

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BLINDSIDE – ‘Face To Face’

BLINDSIDE are a young, up-and-coming band from Preston. They have recently released a new singles ‘Face to Face’ which is available to listen to on all music platforms.

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BLINDSIDE are a young, up-and-coming band from Preston. They have recently released a new singles ‘Face to Face’ which is available to listen to on all music platforms.

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Welshy (real name Ross Walsh) has emerged as Ireland’s hottest young producer, independently achieving over 41 million streams and earning recognition from superstar names BTS, Kygo and The Chainsmokers. Now signed to Insanity Records, Welshy shares his new track ‘Haiti’. It’s the official version of his bootleg track, which went viral and exceeded a million streams.

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RAÍZ – ‘Nightmare’

Swiss born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter RAÍZ has fused with London’s multicultural music scene to venture into his newfound territory of edgy bangers and millennial pop. The name RAÍZ stems from the Portuguese word ‘root’ and is a direct link to the deep cultural and musical references which inspire each song in the new EP ‘Saudade’. Saudade meaning: a longing for something that has been. RAÍZ has a new single ‘Nightmare’ which is available on all music platforms.

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The New Consistent – ‘Turn Off All The Screens’

The New Consistent (Ben Ramsay) is a 20 year old solo musician from the West Midlands. He creates chilled indie/hip hop music, similar to that of Loyle Carner, Kofi Stone, Baxter Dury and The Streets. He has released a new single ‘Turn Off All The Screens’, the first release from his upcoming EP, ‘Turn Off All The Screens’.

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Sunstack Jones – ‘Golden Repair’

If you love to hear albums which are packed full of phenomenal instrumentals, almighty choruses and amazing vocals then this is the ideal album for you. This is everything you would want to hear from an album you will instantly love, there is no doubt that this album will become one of your favorite instantly.

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George Farrar – ‘You And I’

After featuring on BBC News and Radio, Manchester based musician George Farrar releases his debut solo single ‘You And I, on the 9th October. A track inspired by injustice, humanity and frustration in the modern world. Working with artist such as Chris Difford of Squeeze and Grammy nominee James House, George is taking these collaborative experiences into his debut solo material. Working with James Middleton from Porij who produced the track, You And I is Farrar’s first solo release.

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