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Benjamin Marshall – ‘Alone Out at Sea’

Benjamin Marshall, a singer-songwriter based out of Columbus has relased a new single titled ‘Alone Out at Sea’. Ben say’s “Loneliness is quite a common topic, especially in these times with the marathon we are enduring in this pandemic. It’s easy to think that we can do life on our own, until moments like these, These challenging, unique, hopefully once in a lifetime moments that humble us and remind us how much we actually really need each other”.

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Bad Love

Formed late 2019 in Stoke On Trent, Alt-Pop band Bad Love combine the cinematic allure of new-romantic icons like The Cure and Tears For Fears, with the heartfelt and anthemic pop-hooks of artists like The 1975, LANY and MUNA. They have released a new single called ‘Hurricane’, which is available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes.

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Pizza Daddy

Pizza Daddy are a band from London. After spending the last 5 years in dream pop band BOYS we decided to take a break and start a new project.

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PleasePrettyLea – ‘Reasons’

PleasePrettyLea is a 28 year old singer from Dudley in the West Midlands. She currently has three songs out on all digital platforms “reasons” being the latest release.

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RED BRICK – ‘Spiceland’

RED BRICK are a four piece alternative rock/punk band from north wales and based in the North West, their influences range from IDLES, Slaves, Fontaines DC and Rage Against The Machine. They have recently released their single ‘Spiceland’ which is available to listen to on Spotify.

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Mass House – ‘Birmingham’

Birmingham duo Mass House formed by lifelong best friends Dylan Williams and Tom Minchin, Mass House combine plastic synths and eerie beats on an exploration through Birmingham’s Brutalist heritage and diverse collection of personalities to create something truly unique.

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A 28 year old artist from Dudley in the West Midlands, she currently have three songs out on all digital platforms “reasons” being my latest release.

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Polybius – ‘Who Watches the Watchmen?’

A four-piece heavy rock band that formed in Liverpool, Polybius are going from strength to strength! With thunderous vocals, face melting guitar riffs, hard hitting basslines and an unrelenting drummer, they are at the summit of the Liverpool underground scene! A huge 2019 saw them play at the Cavern Club for a second time and sell out numerous headline shows around Liverpool. They have released a new single ‘Who Watches the Watchmen?’ which is now available to listen to on Spotify.

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KIOKO – ‘Sing Like I’

I think we could all do with a something to cheer us up a little during these strange times well Kioko have the solution for you, they have released a new single ‘Sing Like I’ which is available to listen to on Spotify and Itunes.

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