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26 year old from Leicester who's life revolves around music and football.

Imen Siar

Newcomer Imen Siar is proof that greatness can be found in the most unlikely of places. The 23-year-old dreamed of a music career while working in Nando’s in South London, her only creative outlet being to post videos of her singing into a mop during breaks from work. Her talent was discovered by the New York label icons + giants, which had just been launched by two influential hitmakers Billy Mann & Benton James, whose previous credits include P!nk, John Legend and Supah Mario.

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Etoile Marley – ‘The Hunt’

The genre-bending songstress is opening 2022 with the first official single from her upcoming LOUVE album.

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Poison Oak

Can you tell us a bit about the band?

“We’re Poison Oak, we’re from North Queensland, Townsville, Australia. We play a mix if indie/alternative rock, with a bit of punk rock in the middle”.

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THE FUR is a new artist and producer from the land that gave you Zara Larsson, ABBA and Avicii. With a solid musical background and a flair for crafting epic and energetic dance-pop, THE FUR dropped his debut single ‘Americana’ in June 2021. Through collaborations with prominent songwriters and vocalists, THE FUR has in no-time become a name on the pop and EDM scene, with Spotify Editorial placement and a host of tastemaker support. A life-affirming and vibrant music project, at the heart of THE FUR’s artistry is a drive to craft great music first and foremost. Music is the portal through which this artist experiences the world; connecting with other, like-minded musicians, as well as lovers of music.

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Rabid Hood

Can you tell us a bit about the band?

“Well Rabid Hood is a melodious Hard Rock band from Vestland/Norway. The band has extensive experience in the Metal and Rock n Roll stage with members from Helheim, ex-Taake, Trelldom, Nattverd, Aventyr and Spitfire++. This should be a good foundation to produce good quality music for new and old hard rock listeners to enjoy. Produced by Beau Hill musicproduction the hard-hitting drummer with a touch of metal, hard rock and rock at the same time,lead guitarist with heavenly solos, rhythm guitar and bass which creates a solid foundation for success and a vocalist who tops it all. I think this will be well received by both new and old hard rock listeners who appreciates good music”.

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Artic Baba – ‘Mr. Crazy’

Artic Baba unleash ‘Mr. Crazy’, the band take a bold step forward with a pop-rock edge that is instantly fascinating. The Italian band polish their skill and provide the scene with a nostalgic flavour of yesteryear coupled with modern characteristics popular in today’s market.

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How did you all meet?

Zach – “Ethan and I of course are brothers, so we’ve been playing music together since we were kids. We met Leo about 5 years ago, when he was introduced to us by a mutual friend”.

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Kyle Chatham

where you’re from and just a bit about you.

“I’m Kyle Chatham. I’m an artist and singer/songwriter originally from the west coast of Scotland – now living in South London. I make music that’s broadly based in the indie folk/alternative genre that has elements of ambient electronic and soundscape textures. I spend most of my time creating new things where I can and I spend the rest of the time worrying about how much I’m not creating”. 

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A Permanent Shadow

A Permanent Shadow is basically me, CP Fletcher, working with a bunch of guests and two producers, Albert and Valen. I am of Austrian origin but have lived in Barcelona for most of my life. We play eighties-indebted pop-rock with electronic tinges. Our first album “Songs of Loss” came out in 2019 and now have another one lined up for an early 2022 release.

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