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Charlotte Jane

Charlotte Jane’s debut EP ‘Nowhere To Hide’ established her as one of the UK’s brightest new voices. Quietly amassing millions of streams, it set her on the path to sell-out headline shows in London and hometown Hull, performing at Reading and Leeds and with the likes of Jess GlynneDennis LloydTom Odell and Lewis Capaldi, who believes Charlotte Jane is shaping up to be “one of the biggest fucking things in the world.” Her brand new single ‘Get It Right’ lives up to such high praise. 

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Son of Cabe – ‘Whistler’

Guildford (UK) based indie pop duo Son of Cabe take influence from 80s pop, electronic and indie music to fuse their own unique sonic blend. Originating as a solo project by songwriter/producer Conor McCabe, but completed when he met drummer and co-producer Jack Holland at university. They cut their teeth performing at pubs and clubs in and around London and have since found themselves as frequent features on BBC Introducing the South and performed at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Their most popular single ‘Let Go’ with electro-funk producer twiddy, has accumulated over 270,000 streams to date and received reviews from the likes of EARMILK and Acid Stag, along with BBC radio airplay. The talented duo are due to release their new single ‘Whistler’ on the 27th November on all music platforms.

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The Great Leslie

The band is an alt-rock powerhouse, taking influence from every major artist and genre out there. We want to be a band that’s clearly rockin, yet without genre. They do a lot to make sure that anyone who likes to dance and have a good time to any type of music, can find something in our sound that they could get behind. As for where they are from, a little bit all over. Mostly the UK but no one location. But they all migrated to the music Mecca that is London, and that’s their base of operations. 

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Misao McGregor

Misao McGregor is a singer/songwriter and playwright based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been classically trained as a singer and pianist from an early age and is currently producing her own music which has roots in indie, pop, and soul. An openly gay, mixed-race Japanese American non-binary femme, Misao incorporates her personal experiences of marginalization into her lyrics and playwriting and ultimately seeks to provide spaces for marginalized peoples in music, art, and mainstream media.

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Marq Electronica – ‘Wildlife’

Described as a funky one-man music machine MARQ Electronica releases his third solo single ‘Wildlife’ which is now available on all music platforms.

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Robert O’Connor – ‘Transcendence’

‘Transcendence’ is the new EP By Robert O’Connor which is now available to on all music platforms. The EP will also feature the singles “Over (Before It’s Begun), “Older ‘20” and “Real Good Fight”, plus some extras – all remastered for an enhanced listening experience.

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Amey St Cyr – ‘Life’s Too Short’

Amey has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actor and model. She has featured in films and music videos, and most recently has been working on a theatrical piece with her daughter Zakia, a documentary about which was produced by Zakia and featured on BBC Radio 4. Amey latest single ‘Life’s Too Short’ is available now on all music platforms.

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LAYKS – ‘Another Day’

LAYKS is a fresh combination of dreamy indie pop and bare bones guitar driven songwriting layered with huge synth pop overtones. Having already garnered a huge following in the UK and Europe, this new project from front man Sam Martin is rapidly growing throughout the US and Asia with every release. ‘Another Day’ is the latest release from LAYKS which is available to on all music platforms.

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Callum McLean – ‘Acorn’

There is nothing better than finding an album from an artist you have recently discovered and instantly falling in love with it. You play the album on repeat and have the lyrics from the songs stuck in your head for days, it’s such an exciting feeling and one of complete joy. This was the feeling I got when I played Callum McLean album ‘Acorn’ for the very first time.

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