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Thee Deadtime Philharmonic – Estate Of The Heart

For my first music review I’ve had the pleasure of listening to these guys for the last week or so and to be honest they’re not the kind of band or type of music I would usually get in to and it’s hard to compare them to any band I’ve ever heard, but surely that’s a good thing right? They’re pretty unique in their own special way as they are standing up for what they believe in, and it certainly shows in the music they are creating.

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Those Howlin’ Sounds – SLEEPWALKER

Those Howlin’ Sounds are a four-piece rock band from Nottingham, the band is made up by Alex Strongman (Vocals/guitar), Luke White (Guitar), Adam Crooks (Bass) and Kayne Clarke (drums). In September (2017) they released their first self-recorded single ‘Twenty-Five’ and have recently released their 10-track debut album ‘SLEEPWALKER’. Continue reading “Those Howlin’ Sounds – SLEEPWALKER”


I recently discovered MOUNTAINJAM through a friend who sent me a link to their stuff, and wow I’m so glad my friend told me about them. The band’s debut 10 track album ‘You’ve Got Yours Where’s Mine’ shows how good this band are.

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