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Mike Zito – ‘Resurrection’

Mike Zito, the blues-rock man, doesn’t hold back with his new album, ‘Resurrection’. The record as a whole is a solid indication of the quality he’s putting out on stage during his current tour, and it kicks like no other with an infectious edge!

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Jennifer Porter – ’Sun Come And Shine’.

Jennifer Porter is a woman who never ceases to amaze, with her latest album already causing a stir among music evangelists worldwide. On ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ the Maine-based singer fuses various genres into one. In addition, she demonstrates her innate skill as a musician with many compositions that leak a mixed bag of emotions.

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Martin Aelred Colgan

Having fronted a number of bands Martin was introduced to record producer Colin Thurston (David Bowie and Duran Duran), making his production debut with Juni Morrison of P Funk in 1992 and had minor success with UK artists such as Soul II Soul, Jocelyn Brown and Sinitta.

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Ignisbru – Vol. 1′

Ignisbru is a musician from Chile, his first album ‘Vol. 1.’ is now available to stream on all music platforms. It’s an instrumental music album which contains ten songs in many different styles such as dreampop, rock, funk and latin fusion.

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Larry Mindel – ‘Love in Troubled Times’

Larry Mindel makes evocative music for the ages that tells affectionate stories about grown-up people and their place in a complex world. Drawing on folk traditions and jazz harmonies, Larry explores the common ground that unites us to help us make sense of our times.

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Overthought – ‘Overthought’

Overthought are an indie folk/folk rock duo from Italy! Who have released their self-titled debut album which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

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(EM) – dumbo

(EM) is the solo moniker of recording artist Eddie Mead. Building on his experiences playing in several local bands of various styles and volumes (such as Mercer, Backer, and Wisher), he’s assumed full creative control and released his first four proper solo albums throughout 2020. His latest, ‘dumbo’, synthesizes his familiar heavy guitar riffs with more fluid, psychedelic textures and arrangements.

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Louise Steel – ‘Sideshow’

Louise Steel is a singer/songwriter from Leicester, Louise has recently released her second album ’Sideshow’ which is available on all music platforms.

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Callum McLean – ‘Acorn’

There is nothing better than finding an album from an artist you have recently discovered and instantly falling in love with it. You play the album on repeat and have the lyrics from the songs stuck in your head for days, it’s such an exciting feeling and one of complete joy. This was the feeling I got when I played Callum McLean album ‘Acorn’ for the very first time.

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