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Misao McGregor – ‘Kid in the Corner’

In a time of such political divisiveness, Misao finds that storytelling and relating personal details can help humanize one’s experiences of difference, allowing others to empathize and shift their perspectives, even if only slightly. Her album seeks to provide a voice for those who feel marginalized and disenfranchised while also showcasing her unique and individual experience as a queer, non-binary, mixed-race human in this world.

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Man & Boy – ‘Adelaide’

Man & Boy are a father and son duo, by jamming through practical exercises exploring rhythms and styles they ended up writing some great songs together such as ‘Adelaide’ and ‘1996’.

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Alan Donnelly – ‘Session One’

Alan Donnelly is a musician from Ireland and has just released his first EP as a solo artist. Having been in a band and also a composer for campaigns such as Coco-Cola, Tate Modern and Monster Energy it took a global pandemic to finally make me put together my EP known as “Session One.” The whole EP was recorded in my garden shed during lockdown. This is a four track EP from future album “The Shadows”.

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The Rafters

I discovered this talented band from Ollie who sent me a message saying, “I think you will like these”, he wasn’t wrong. When I first discover a band it usually takes me a few listens to their music for me to fully get into it. This was not the case though when I played The Rafters debut EP, within the first few seconds of listening to ‘Slippin’ away’ I was sold.

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Dogs Don’t Deal – ‘Painting Pictures’

Dogs Don’t Deal debut EP ‘Painting Pictures’ was released on October 2nd. The first song from the EP – Chasing Numbers has already been played on Dean Jackson’s BBC Introducing show and Radio Leicester recently played the second single ‘Fire’.

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Mark Westberg – ‘Starseed Phantoms’

Mark Westberg is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, WA. He describes his music style as folk-punk, grunge and rock and roll, Mark’s debut EP ‘Starseed Phantoms’ is available to listen to on all music platforms.

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Robert O’Connor – ‘Transcendence’

‘Transcendence’ is the new EP By Robert O’Connor which is now available to on all music platforms. The EP will also feature the singles “Over (Before It’s Begun), “Older ‘20” and “Real Good Fight”, plus some extras – all remastered for an enhanced listening experience.

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National Barks – ‘Somthing I Can’t Shake Off’

Bandmates Adam Brandt and Jeffrey Earl came up with the name “National Barks” to honor their first demo recordings as a newly created Cincinnati band. Each track unintentionally included Brandt’s dogs barking in the background as pedestrians passed their practice space. Fortunately, the music matched the hounds’ haunting howls, so the name stuck. With a retro, spooky vibe, National Barks explores a side of rock that will make you feel like you’re riding along with the gang solving mysteries or watching a closeup shot of Uma Thurman’s Feet. National Barks features Adam Brandt on guitar and vocals; Jeffery Earl on drums and vocals; and Joe Memory on bass.

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August Bag – ‘Country Blues’

August Bag is a “countryman blues” band from the East Midlands, they have released their debut EP ‘Country Blues’ which is available to listen to now.

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